Diamond song

Diamond song

What is a Diamond song?

The RIAA gives diamond certifications to songs that have gone platinum 10 times.

Who wrote the song Diamond?


Mikkel Storleer Eriksen

Benny Blanco

Tor Erik Hermansen


Is Diamonds by Sia or Rihanna?

Sia’s first Number One hit for another artist came in the form of the breezy “Diamonds,” from Rihanna’s most recent album to date, 2012’s Unapologetic. “Diamonds” not only cemented Sia’s status as a top-tier pop songwriter but also showcased a new musical direction for the Barbadian pop singer.

Who wrote Diamonds Sia or Rihanna?

Diamonds (Rihanna song)

LabelDef Jam SRP
Songwriter(s)Sia Furler Benjamin Levin Mikkel S. Eriksen Tor Erik Hermansen
Producer(s)Benny Blanco StarGate
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