Which diamond is best?

Which diamond is best?

FL (or Flawless) is the highest grade for clarity. An FL diamond has no imperfections even when magnified 10x by a professional. For color, D or completely colorless diamond is the highest grade. While flawless and colorless diamonds are extremely rare, cut determines a diamond’s true value.

Which diamond is best carat?

1.00 Carat

Because it’s the most popular weight, diamonds experience a price jump at 1.00 ct. The price jump is especially high for round diamonds, and, at this weight, you’ll get the most savings by choosing a fancy shape. With a budget of $4,500, you can find a great one-carat diamond.

Which color diamond is best?

D is the highest color grade, meaning it has nearly no color. Under magnification and to the naked eye, a D color diamond will appear colorless. D color diamonds are usually set in platinum or white gold, as yellow gold and other jewelry settings detract from the diamond’s uncolored beauty.

Which diamond is better VS or SI?

The larger the diamond, the more visible the inclusions. Therefore, VS2 diamonds in above 2.5 carat range should be carefully inspected. SI1 should be considered eye-clean in the 1 carat range. It can be eye-clean in the 2 carat range depending where the inclusions are located and type of inclusions.

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